Strange background showing up on my computer?

Answer I've never heard of any "normal" computer problem causing screens like that, but then Again I've never seen a virus do it before either. If it's security your worried about then you should have you... Read More »

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Website Background Not Showing?

You have two opening body tags. First is in the wrong place. Second isn't need if you move the first one where it is. You have multiple tags like and which is not allowed. "

Why is my ex's name showing up on my new computer?

If I am not wrong you are still using the same phone, If YES thenYour cellphone's Bluetooth is ON and the name of that device(Cellphone) is your ex's name and when you open the Bluetooth folder und... Read More »

Why my usb harddrive isnt showing up in my computer?

Delete the USB drivers and reinstall them. However, you could just install the drive, into the computer case. Then check it there, if it doesn't show up, open the BIOS and see if it is detected. If... Read More »

Why is my computer showing ip address of a state i am not in?

I'm not sure what kind of IP database they are using but if IP trackers below:http://www.ip-address.orghttp://www.ip-tracker.orghttp://www.ipaddresslocation.orghttp://www.find-ip-address.orgshow yo... Read More »