Strange Things That Live in People?

Answer From parasites to micro-organisms, many strange things live in people. According to "Your Body Is a Planet," by Josie Glausiusz, the average human has roughly 90 trillion microbes. While the overwh... Read More »

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Things That Live Under the Sea?

The sea is home to a wide variety of interesting and beautiful animals. These animals include fish, sharks, shellfish, plants, whales, dolphins and seals. Learning and studying about life in the se... Read More »

Things That Motivate People to Learn?

Learning is a lifelong process. You can learn in school, at work or during social gatherings with friends. Not everyone learns in the same way. Efforts to develop the desire to learn in someone or ... Read More »

What things annoy you that people do on Facebook?

When people post 5000 pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror. -_-

If a doctor told u that u only have a few months left to live what things would u do?

I would not go around asking for pity and asking others for sweet words, thats for sure.