Strange Question What does it feel like to girls when they reliese a egg?

Answer I get tummy cramps, some people get a a slight shooting pain in their side, others feel sick or dizzy or get a headache, some lucky people feel nothing when they're releasing or when they're on it.... Read More »

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Question for only boys! (girls feel free to star!)?

MediumBrunettefake if well done, else realfrench manicurelongdownsmall feetstylish clothing, with some level of classnatural, makeup OK for special occasions if not over donetall (5' 7'' - 5' 10")s... Read More »

Why do your teeth feel strange when you bite aluminum ?

Biting on aluminum foil can be painful and is­ usually noticed if you have metal in your mouth from dental work (e.g. fillings, crowns). Basically, when you bite on foil, you set up a battery in y... Read More »

Strange question..Why?

The sound is due to thermal induced mechanical expansion and contraction of the cabinet and display panel. Rest assured that those sounds are normal and does not constitute a problem with your LCD ... Read More »

Strange question for ya see if you can answer!?

When typewriters were invented the type bars would hit each other because typists were too fast. The layout was designed to stop this clash.