Strange Nausea Feeling?

Answer You probably figured that out by yourself by now, but anyway, Slenderman isn't real.He was invented by a guy called Victor Surge(forum name) in 2009 on the Something Awful forums for a Paranormal P... Read More »

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How to get the nausea feeling out?

Pepto bismol and a couple tylenol should get you always worked for me and i was an alcholic for 3years w/ulcers from drinking bottles of liquer like they were beers...but yea that sho... Read More »

Strange feeling in abdomen?

Maybe you have to belch, or could you possibly be pregnant?

Why am I feeling nausea every night!?

You may have had a high sugar/carb supper and the insulin levels came up to take care of the sugars. Now the sugars are gone and the insulin is still up. It is called hypoglycemia.I would suggest... Read More »

Strange flutter feeling in tummy.?

Yes, sometimes these involuntary flutter takes place, yes it can be muscle spasm, but pain is there. Just apply some heat, it will go away. Cut your weight & walking is mandatory.