Strange Laughing Question :D?

Answer Yeah, I do it to, its a subconscious thing that you see it as being good for you so you just laugh :D

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Strange question..Why?

The sound is due to thermal induced mechanical expansion and contraction of the cabinet and display panel. Rest assured that those sounds are normal and does not constitute a problem with your LCD ... Read More »

Strange question for ya see if you can answer!?

When typewriters were invented the type bars would hit each other because typists were too fast. The layout was designed to stop this clash.

Wasp stings strange question?

answer to question is 1 if you are extremely allergic or up to hundreds if you are not. I have been keeping honey bees for several years now and i feel pretty confident about answering this one. So... Read More »

Question about strange feeling in my heart.?

sounds like it could be pvc's (google it) they are harmless, but don't feel like they are.. always a good idea to get heart stuff checked out) but you are quite young so should not worry too much