Strained my throat at a concert..?

Answer HOT MILK AND HONEY it will help you ... ^_^

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Does everyone with throat cancer have to breathe through those throat tubes Is it only caused by smoking?

There is no such thing as throat cancer and those are not breathing tubes. Unless you mean when someone is in the hospital and they are intubated. If you have a laryngectomy you cannot speak so tho... Read More »

I have had a sore throat since sunday, I have been taking a strepsil like twice a day and a throat medicine?

Try mixing one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into half of a cup of warm water and drink it. Make one of these mixtures three times a day at least and drink it. It... Read More »

I strained my hamstring?

I would say that it's the hard training to go for....Good luck!

Strained knee, can I run?

I'd say it's your call. It depends on how your knee is feeling and how you'll do. If your knee feels pretty good, then go ahead and try it! If you're running and it starts acting up, then take a br... Read More »