Straight Razor Shaving Techniques?

Answer In this day of multi-blade shaving systems and high-tech electric razors, scraping at your beard with a crazy-sharp piece of steel might seem almost Neanderthal. But for many men, a straight razor ... Read More »

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How to sharpen a straight razor for shaving?

Want to relive the days when a man could get a good shave without spending hundreds each year on replacement blades, when craftsmanship meant something. Well, if you want to use a straight razor, y... Read More »

Straight Razor Shaving Instructions?

Straight razor blades were in vogue in the Victorian era, before the safety razor was introduced in the early 1900s. Although straight-razor shaves are more dangerous than those performed with mode... Read More »

Safety Techniques for Razor Shaving?

How you shave with a razor determines whether your skin is smooth or irritated. As you shave, small ribbed strips on the razor lift hair upward to ensure a close shave without harming the skin. The... Read More »

Shaving Techniques to Avoid Razor Burn?

Razor burn is a skin irritation that often occurs after a man shaves his face or a woman shaves her legs. Reddening, burning and a lingering sensation of stinging are common. While the severity of ... Read More »