Straight Blonde Hairstyles?

Answer Straight blonde hair has a tendency to be fine and not easy to style. While many folks with straight blonde hair find their hair hangs limply, there are several ways you can perk it up, making it b... Read More »

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Blonde curly hair or blonde straight hair.?

First of all, you're a very cute girl with a sweet face. I say curly hair because it is more unique. Most people with this hairstyle have straight hair, so curly stands out more. It's a nice way to... Read More »

Why is my straight blonde hair frizzy?

Frizz, or the fine, unwanted hair that pops up from your hair style is a common problem faced by people with all hair types. It's common to have frizz if you have curly, wavy or coarse dark hair. B... Read More »

Would i look good if i dye my hair blonde or leave it the same and get straight bangs (pic included)?

DON'T GO BLONDE. You have such a nice color!! If you insist on dying it, get dark brown highlights. I think that the camilla belle bangs would look really pretty :-)

Different Blonde Hairstyles?

Blonde hair is a symbol of youth, beauty and health. This hair color has many versatile styles. You can go from casual to formal with a single hairstyle. According to, you should... Read More »