Straight 12, 13 and 14 year old guys at sleepovers?

Answer no they dont do that. they may act like homos in other ways even tho they are not. like my bro and his friend allways talk like that. they do sum purty weird stuff tho like yea.. once my bro and hi... Read More »

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Do straight guys go to tanning beds?

Yes, tanning beds are used by everyone. I am not gay and I have used them.

Guys: curly or straight hair on a girl?

almost always doesn't matter as long as its in its natural state

Teen guys! Do you think I look better with curly or straight hair?

WHOOOA WHOOOA! Dude you are absolutely stunning! Lol wow, lucky girl ahaha. You look great with both, but I would have to say curly. Many girls straighten their hair these days so curly is more uni... Read More »

Guys: Do you like straight, wavy, or curly hair on a girl?

Long hair, whether it's straight, curly or wavy doesn't matter really :) it's what's inside that counts most! I'm sure your beautiful inside and out!