Stove Top Popcorn Problems?

Answer Hi Wendy!I'm an old pro at making popcorn. Microwaves hadn't been invented back in the day when we had family movie nights every Friday. And we always had popcorn.First, start with High quality pop... Read More »

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How to Make Popcorn on the Stove?

This ought to last at least 15 minutes, unless the neighbors get a whiff of it!Just because you choose to live simply, doesn't mean you need to give up any of the basic pleasures of life... like po... Read More »

Which pops more popcorn: the stove top or the microwave?

On One Hand: Microwaves Pop FasterAll popcorn-popping methods work by heating the moisture inside the popcorn kernel until it vaporizes, breaking open the shell. Microwaves can do this much more qu... Read More »

Does popcorn pop faster in a microwave or on a stove?

Microwaveable popcorn typically takes about three minutes to pop, depending on the microwave. Stovetop popcorn usually takes longer to prep and cook. Average prep time runs about five minutes, as ... Read More »

Who invented the stove top popcorn popper?

The stovetop popcorn popper was invented by H. David Dalquist III, Douglas C. Jacobsen, Douglas J. Kluge, Jorgen A. Jorgensen and John N. Taylor. The patent is held by the Northland Aluminum Produc... Read More »