Storing Grass Seed?

Answer Storing grass seed is practiced for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most common reason grass seed is stored is because the homeowner simply purchases more than is needed and rather than waste it ... Read More »

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How to Sow Grass Seed?

Grass can be planted using sprigs, squares of sod, or seed. Planting grass from seed in the fall is an inexpensive choice for homeowners. The main consideration for planting is to sow your grass se... Read More »

What does it mean when grass goes to seed?

Grass "going to seed" means that it has grown long enough to produce seeds and reproduce. This will produce more grass, bit it can also result in flowers and weeds growing throughout your lawn.Sour... Read More »

Where does the best Grass Seed come from?

Hi John - I live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and we grow grass seed here...lots of it, for the entire US in fact. I don't know varietals except Red Fescue. That is probably the one you nee... Read More »

How do I sow grass seed?

Using a SpreaderFill a mechanical spreader with grass seed. Push the spreader across the lawn in uniform rows. Refill the spreader. Push the spreader crosswise over the rows you just laid. This wil... Read More »