Stories to Tell With Bear Puppets?

Answer Puppet and cartoon bears, and teddy bears, are very popular with people. Many children's writers feature bears in their stories. These are usually anthropomorphic creatures, bears with human charac... Read More »

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Tell me your successful stories with ovulation kits!?

Baby #2, #3, and #4 (who was lost to miscarriage). I used OPK's with all of them. TTC baby #5 10DPO. Used OPK's along with other stuff. But I have never had a problem with them telling me when I ov... Read More »

How to Tell Stories Well?

A properly told story is a joy for both the audience and the storyteller. However, all too often stories end up being painful for the audience and embarrassing for the teller. This needs to be fixe... Read More »

How to Tell Scary Stories?

Before horror movies laced with special effects kept people up at night, people got scared the old-fashioned way: through story-telling. The ability to spook people with only your voice is an ancie... Read More »

How to Tell Flannel Board Stories to Toddlers?

Flannel boards or felt boards are rectangular or square pieces of cardboard or wood covered with flannel or felt fabric. Smaller, cut-out pieces of flannel and felt will stick to the board without ... Read More »