Storage Conditions to Avoid Rust on a Metal Chassis?

Answer Rust is a common problem on a vehicle's metal chassis, as this area is usually not covered with protective paint. Rust is an oxide that forms when open-air oxidation of iron takes place. A buildup ... Read More »

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Car Chassis Rust Prevention?

Rust is the car chassis' worst enemy. Despite the fact that iron and steel are seemingly tough and durable materials, rusting can slowly destroy them and bring an end to the life of your car before... Read More »

How to Repair Extensive Rust on an Automotive Chassis?

Rust on your car's chassis, unless attended to, can end up spreading over the whole chassis. Rust is able to gain a foothold in your car's chassis when a scratch or dent occurs and air and water ar... Read More »

How to Move a Metal Storage Shed?

If you have a metal storage shed on your property and wish to relocate it to another spot, you don't have to rent a crane and flatbed truck to move it. Although heavy and bulky, a metal storage she... Read More »

How to Protect Metal from Rust?

Rust is the oxygenation of metals. Metals can be painted or covered in oil to stop rust. When oxygen and moisture meet, they oxide iron or steel.