Stopping pantyhose masturbation?

Answer Nothing wrong with having a pantyhose fetish at all. You could be doing a lot worse, with all the disgusting and even harmful fetishes out there. Just accept and embrace it as part of your life. Yo... Read More »

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How to Put on Pantyhose?

Wearing pantyhose is a rite of passage for young girls becoming women. But even grown women have trouble putting on these delicate undergarments. Pull too hard and the hose will tear. Pull too litt... Read More »

How to Buy Pantyhose for Men?

Male panty hose can ease the ache of tired legs and also help your trousers to fit better.Male pantyhose have become increasingly popular for both fashion and health. Keep reading on how to shop fo... Read More »

How to Store CDs in Pantyhose?

This is a useful way to store your CDs or other flat objects up on the wall without the use of shelves or other store-bought storage products. It is also a good way to make use of old, used pantyho... Read More »

How to Use Ripped Pantyhose?

Don't throw out your ripped pantyhose or stockings- try these smart ways to give a second life to the strong yet soft and stretchy material.