Stop those obama ads from appearing on my screen?

Answer 1. Pro tip: don't put your email on here unless you want to get tons of spam2. Fire Fox has an ad blocker called adblock plus.3. Stop listening to propaganda, Romney is the one who should make you ... Read More »

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Are those Newegg free coupons considered to be a popup and how to stop them appearing?

If you use firefox as your browser, you can simply add "blocksite" or any of the awesome and free addonds that stop any ads or annoying popups from showing up.

How do you stop text message alerts appearing on the screen of an iPhone 3GS?

To stop certain or all notifications, you can go to your "Settings" app (a pre-installed app from Apple that looks like a gear and allows you to change device settings). Once in the settings app, y... Read More »

Porn pics keep on appearing on my screen. how can i stop them once and for all?

since im at the end of this...ill keep it short and simple...have some antivirus and antispyware softwares installed....have a firewall installed...have a registry cleaner and WINDOWS washer for de... Read More »

How do I stop this message from appearing?

CCC.exe is ATI Catalyst Control Centre. The ATI Catalyst Control Center is a program through which you can fine tune and customize different display features of your ATI graphics card, or overclock... Read More »