Stop Smoking . Which aids to help actually work . Patches , Gum etc?

Answer self determination - its the only way out dude!

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'im 33 and desperatly want to stop smoking...I've tried the patches they made me ill i've tried the gum and?

if you have the time... just quit.... cold turkey... get away from everyone for FOUR DAYS....your blood replaces it self every four days nicotine is in the blood stream.... wait four days... then t... Read More »

Does Chantix really work to stop smoking?

On One Hand: Chantix WorksChantix works to keep the brain from recognizing and benefiting from nicotine. Dosages begin low and increase over a 12-week period to help reduce the discomfort of nicoti... Read More »

Does Zyban work to stop smoking?

On One Hand: Zyban Can Help Smokers QuitZyban is one of several commercially available forms of the drug buproprion. Originally developed as an antidepressant, buproprion also has the ability to he... Read More »

Does stop smoking Hypnosis really work?

It did not work for me, nor did it work for being overweight either.