Stood on a nail ! Really sore What should I do Urgent Help!?

Answer This sounds not so serious, but if the nail was at all rusty it can infect your foot. I can't remember the name of the infection, but it's serious. Definitley head over to the doctor.Also, you shou... Read More »

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Stood on a nail what should i do?

You should go to the doctor's and get a tetanus jab asap.

I stood on a nail, could i get tetanus?

Its a slight chance.Put some acohol on it and a bandage and go ask your doctor or just clean it and see if it heals but if it did turn a different color and didnt bleed than you should be fine

URGENT! How to remove my nail polish?

Get some CVS Brand nail polish remover, bleach and cotton balls, put 2 tablespoons of bleach and a half cup of nail polish remover stir it and use cotton balls to rub it off

Is it PMS or a sign of pregnancy if your nipples have been sore for over a week and they don't hurt as much as they did when they first got sore but this is the longest that they've ever been sore?

Answer Its most likely PMS if your expecting your period. But do a test if your period doesnt arrive.Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected per... Read More »