Stomach muscles question?

Answer Congratulations on maintaining your resolution...but, crunches do not "tone" the abdominal wall, they build the muscle in the upper abdominal area or the "6-pack" region.Cut back on (don't stop) on... Read More »

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What's the best way to tone your stomach muscles?

Air bike, Alternate Heel Touchers, Butt-Ups, Cable Crunches, and sit-ups. I do them 4 times per week. With different sets and repetitions.

What happens to stomach muscles during pregnancy?

loosen up to make space for baby to beAnswerThey do stretch to accommodate the baby and sometimes they separate in the middle a little.If you are fit they tend to snap back into shape after the bir... Read More »

Stomach ache question?

Hey, I have IBS and FRUCTOSE intolerance also! (Fructose intolerance sucks! You never realize how much stuff has fructose in it until you're given a list of foods you can't eat. :P ).Basically, for... Read More »

Stomach Virus/Food Poisoning Question?

If you haven't actually developed any symptoms, I can't see why you'd be worried.Now, without any idea as to what this "stuff" actually was, it's hard to say, but I see nothing in your question tha... Read More »