Stomach and eating problems. Please help me!!?

Answer I really suggest making an appointment with your doctor and having a talk about it. It could be too much acid in your stomach? I hope you feel better soon.

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Why after eating do you have pains in your stomach?

Ordinarily, your stomach shouldn't hurt after eating. Even if you eat too much, you should feel full, perhaps uncomfortably full, but not in pain. If a particular food hurts your stomach, you likel... Read More »

My stomach aches after eating?

It sounds like you have acid reflux, or heartburn. I get this quite frequently due to medication I am on. Try drinking green tea, and taking acidophilous(a pill, all organic, for acid burning). You... Read More »

Why Does My Stomach Rumble After Eating?

It is normal for the stomach to make noises after eating or when a person is hungry. Rumbling, gurgling and growling sounds are usually associated with normal functioning of the digestive system. S... Read More »

My stomach always hurts when I eat after not eating for a while?

See a doctor. The internet cannot help you with this.