Stomach and Waistline Tattoo Ideas for Men?

Answer Tattoos were once a strictly male phenomenon, a pastime for groups like sailors and prisoners, becoming fashionable among women only in recent decades. Men can flaunt their masculinity and place in... Read More »

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How to Get a Stomach Tattoo?

The stomach is another one of those areas you need to think about carefully before deciding on a tattoo. There are several factors to consider and it's sometimes a little more difficult to find a w... Read More »

Where is a man's waistline?

A man's waistline is located just above the hip bone. The belly button is often used as a guide and commonly referred to as the start of the waistline; however, this can occasionally differ depend... Read More »

HELP please Something wrong with my mom's stomach... any ideas?

That sounds like an ulcer, and she should definetly get in for a visit with her doctor. Ulcer pains are predominant after eating.Sounds like there could also be a problem with her gallbladder. Usua... Read More »

Where is your natural waistline?

Your natural waistline is located where you feel a crease when you bend to the side. You can easily find your natural waistline by wrapping a string around your waist and bending to each side until... Read More »