Stock Split Calculation?

Answer Calculating stock splits and their effect on your shares as a stockholder is relatively simple once you understand the two basic variables involved. Generally, share price and the number of shares ... Read More »

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Difference Between Stock Dividend & Stock Split?

A stock dividend occurs when the company uses the amount of money that would be paid as a cash dividend to purchase additional common shares for the shareholder. A stock split happens when a compan... Read More »

How to Define a Stock Split?

Stock splits happen all the time in the stock market. This phenomenon can be confusing to many, especially those who own the affected security. The two types of splits are regular stock splits and ... Read More »

How do I calculate EPS stock split?

Normal Earnings Per Share CalculationSubtract any preferred dividends from net income. Then divide the difference by the weighted average number of outstanding common shares for the year. For examp... Read More »

What is a two-for-one stock split?

A two-for-one stock split is effected when a stock corporation decides to issue additional stock to shareholders and the additional stock is distributed on the basis of one additional share for eac... Read More »