Stinky Ears in Dogs?

Answer Stinky or sickly sweet smelling ears in dogs should not be ignored. Normal, healthy dog ears do not have an odor. If a dog's ears begin to stink, it is a sign of an infection or infestation of ear ... Read More »

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What is super stinky ears in a dog a symptom of?

In a healthy dog, its ears should be free of discharges and odors. Foul smelling ears, are more likely than not, indicative of a medical condition requiring veterinary attention.CausesThe most comm... Read More »

Home Remedies for Stinky Dogs?

There are many reasons why your dog may have an unpleasant smell. Sometimes your dog has rolled around in something dirty. Other times she may have a medical condition that is causing the foul odor... Read More »

Why do dogs lay their ears back?

Dogs are social animals that use their body as their primary means of communication. A dog's ears in particular, can portray a vast array of emotions. Watchful owners may learn a lot by observing t... Read More »

Are pig ears good for dogs?

On One Hand: Pig Ears are Dangerous and UnhealthyPig ears contain no nutritional value for a dog and are high in fat and full of preservatives. Eating a lot of pig ears can make a dog feel sick or ... Read More »