Still having pop up problems and waiting for a better answer?

Answer Google these :Browser HijackingCheck these sites out, instead of a quick fix, if you learn to see the signs, and notice changes in your system thats a better solution otherwise, you'll just keep ge... Read More »

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Do I need help for my problems Doctors if can please answer?

First of are you parents divorced, have you had any traumatic events happened to you in your child hood, the obscene images are caused by your sub-conscious and not normal you should find yourself ... Read More »

Printer problems..I deleted...will pick Best Answer?

with your printer connected head on over to the site and do an update -- there may be a driver there for it.

How to Answer Open Ended Math Problems?

Open ended math problems, also known as extended response problems, require an answer along with additional information. Many standardized tests include open ended questions. Students are required ... Read More »

What is this song. I think this is the chosus- hey let's forget the week that's been because weve been waiting weve been waiting?

The song is called New Skin and its by Mission in Motion. I think that's what you are looking for, hope I helped.Bianca