Still having pop up problems and waiting for a better answer?

Answer Google these :Browser HijackingCheck these sites out, instead of a quick fix, if you learn to see the signs, and notice changes in your system thats a better solution otherwise, you'll just keep ge... Read More »

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Is the iphone 4 still having reception problems?

Yes, you can. You can only use FaceTime to video call another iPhone 4 and you must be connected to wi-fi to do this. The FaceTime call receiver must also be connect to wi-fi.

Having problems with the sippy cup still?

Yes, My daughter had the same problem. Still does a little when I give her a regular sippy cup. I have had her on a sippy cup since she was 5 months. She had no problems with sippy cups with a stra... Read More »

I broke my ankle over a year ago, still having problems!!?

Once you break and ankle, it is always going to be a little weak, I think...or maybe that just goes for sprained ankles, maybe.

Are the newest iPad 2's still having problems with leaking light?

The answer is ..........................................SHUT UP!