Sticking dvd ripping problem !?

Answer I haven't tried what you mentioned here "winx ripper", but to me this one is nice:…What I love the best part of it is the simplicity of ripping process: o... Read More »

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Besides sticking to your eyelashes and then ripping half of them out, what is an eyelash curler for?

You can use them as pretend forceps when Barbie is giving birth to Midges husbands baby.

Problem: Firefox is momentarily 'sticking' when scrolling.?

Any ideas for a fix? Yep, if you already aren't doing it, and you have the same problem I have.That can be a symptom of too much going on, and too little motherboard memory, but you don't have to i... Read More »

DVD has started sticking half way through film, have tried cleaning with CD wipes, still sticking. Any ideas?

If other dvd's play fine then its not your reader on the player. SUggest you take it back to the shop for a refund

I am facing problem in opening Ork, I don't have problem in Gmail, while i am trying to open Ork, problem?

Dont worryTo Remove:1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to the processes tab 2. Look for svchost.exe under the image name. There will be many but look for the ones which have your username under the usern... Read More »