Steps involved in making a compost pile?

Answer [1] Start the compost pile in fall. The nitrogen in green things is cooler, the carbon in brown things easier to find. [2] Choose an area 3'x3'x3'-5'x5'x5'. Smaller than the former heats the pile t... Read More »

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What is a compost pile used for?

A compost pile serves as a long-term source of nutrients to enrich the soil. It improves soil structure, enables the soil to hold water longer, supplies the soil with significant quantities of orga... Read More »

What can be put into a compost pile?

Pretty much anything from plants. You want a mix of greens stuff (grass, raw vegetables) and brown stuff (Dried grass, leaves, coffee grounds). You should avoid any animal products, particularly m... Read More »

How does a compost pile work?

its a mix of organic molecules which slowly break down releasing nutrients such a nitrogen of phosphorus into the soil which can then be used by plants and other organisms. it also has a beneficiel... Read More »