Steps in Multiplying Polynomials?

Answer Polynomials are expressions of one or more terms consisting of variables and constants. The degree or order of a polynomial is the term with the highest degree. Monomials, binomials and trinomials ... Read More »

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How to Do Multiplying & Factoring Polynomials?

Polynomials are expressions containing variables and integers using only arithmetic operations and positive integer exponents between them. All polynomials have a factored form where the polynomial... Read More »

How to Do FOIL When Multiplying Harder Polynomials?

FOIL is an acronym for First, Outer, Inner and Last. It is a technique used in algebra to multiply two binomials, which are polynomials with two terms. Here is an example of how you would use FOIL ... Read More »

How to Use Powers of Ten for Multiplying & Division?

Traditional math uses base 10, or the decimal system. A power of 10 is a collection of 10 numbers, beginning with a group of 10 ones equaling 10. In turn, 10 tens equal a hundred, 10 one-hundreds e... Read More »

Tricks for Multiplying Numbers?

Multiplying numbers by hand can be tedious but is often necessary when doing math in real-world situations where a calculator is not available. Whether you are just learning your multiplication tab... Read More »