Step-by-Step to Filling Out FAFSA?

Answer The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly referred to as the FAFSA, is available for all college students to fill out at the beginning of each school year. The FAFSA helps determine ho... Read More »

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Do step siblings stop being step sibling after death of step parent?

Does my step-dad have to claim me on his taxes in order to use his income on the FAFSA?

You will be required to use your father's information on the FAFSA. If your mother was still living, you would use her information, along with her spouse (your step-father). However, since she is... Read More »

Any videos that show step by step to disasemble and reasemble vehicle motor?

look on ebay. there's some on it. just depends what kind of engine it is.

Step-by-Step Directions of How to Replace the Back Seat of a 2002 Toyota Prius?

The back seat on your 2002 Toyota Prius is attached to a floor pan, which can be snapped out with a little effort. If your back seat has been damaged and needs to be replaced, contact your local de... Read More »