Step-by-Step Rules for Adding Fractions?

Answer Adding fractions is a basic math skill that pops up in everday life, and is found in classes from elementary school to college. A fraction consists of a top number, or numerator, and a bottom numbe... Read More »

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Step by Step Instructions on Math Fractions?

Fractions cause anxiety for many students regardless of age or math level. It's understandable; forget just one of the many steps -- even if it's the simplest -- and you get a missed point for the ... Read More »

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How to Do a Two-Step Inequalities With Fractions in Them?

Many two-step inequalities contain fractions in them, either as a constant on one side of the inequality, as a coefficient multiplied by the variable or both. Solve these inequalities as you would ... Read More »

How Do You Solve Two-Step Equations With Fractions?

A two-step algebra equation is an important concept in math. It can be used to solve problems that are not as simple one-step addition, subtraction, multiplication or division ones. In addition, fr... Read More »