Step-by-Step Information for Water Pump Installation in a 1994 Accord?

Answer The timing belt drives the water pump on the 1994 Honda Accord. Once you remove the timing cover, you must remove the balancer shaft belt, then the timing belt, before you can remove the water pump... Read More »

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Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Replace a 1994 Ford Escort Fuel Pump Relay?

When electrical components such as the starter or the fuel pump on the 1994 Ford Escort start giving you problems, the first thing you need to do is check the fuses and relays. Replacing a relay is... Read More »

Step-by-Step Instruction on Replacing a Water Pump on a 2001 Ford Taurus?

The water pump circulates coolant through the 2001 Ford Taurus engine, and is a vital component for its smooth operation. Coolant leaking from the block, a wobbling water pump pulley or overheating... Read More »

Step-by-Step Instructions on Replacing the Fuel Filter of a 1994 Geo Tracker?

The fuel filter on your compact SUV 1994 Geo Tracker is designed to trap contaminants and small particles in the fuel that might damage fuel-system components. As part of its maintenance schedule, ... Read More »

Step by Step Instructions for Wood Floor Installation on Concrate Slabs?

Normally, hardwood floors are installed with nails or flooring staples. But if you're laying flooring boards on a concrete slab, you'll have to glue them down instead. Glue-down floors look the sam... Read More »