Steam Locomotives in the 1800s?

Answer The success of the first full-scale steam locomotive in 1804 heralded the beginning of the great railroad industry. Within a couple of decades, railroads would become the dominant means of land tra... Read More »

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Changes in Locomotives in the 1800s?

The 1800s saw the birth of railroads and then a number of advances. As industry and manufacturing increased so did the need and the ability to innovate in the area of transportation. The railroads ... Read More »

How much are steam locomotives worth?

To buy an "old banger" to restore can be about £100,000 - and if you want to see the cost and what else is involved in building a replica, just Google "Tornado" and go for the Steam Loco options. ... Read More »

Can steam locomotives make a comeback?

Uh ... No. I believe that there are now new GE Electric Locomotives out. Steam? Wow! How much steam power would it take to move a 18,000 ton loaded grain train. That would be a lot of shoveling.

Did the ambient tempurature affect rhe efficiency of steam locomotives?

Good question, I have talked with a lot of old timers about steam and no one ever mentioned anything about that. Cold weather definitly made the engine crew's job more difficult and unpleasant but ... Read More »