Steam Locomotives in the 1800s?

Answer The success of the first full-scale steam locomotive in 1804 heralded the beginning of the great railroad industry. Within a couple of decades, railroads would become the dominant means of land tra... Read More »

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Changes in Locomotives in the 1800s?

The 1800s saw the birth of railroads and then a number of advances. As industry and manufacturing increased so did the need and the ability to innovate in the area of transportation. The railroads ... Read More »

How much are steam locomotives worth?

To buy an "old banger" to restore can be about £100,000 - and if you want to see the cost and what else is involved in building a replica, just Google "Tornado" and go for the Steam Loco options. ... Read More »

What are the most famous steam locomotives in history?

UP "Big Boy"UP "Challenger"SP Class "AC" Cab ForwardSP "Northern" Class GS. The famed "Daylights"These were amongst the largest and most powerful US locomotives as well, with the SP's Daylights us... Read More »

What steam locomotives were used by the Seaboard Air Line?

Buy, beg or borrow a copy of 'Seaboard Airline Railway: Steamboats, Locomotives & History', by Richard E. Prince, published in 1969 by Indiana University Press. You should find the answers to all o... Read More »