Stealing on Youtube?

Answer Probably likelytry getting it copyrighted

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How is buying Cds from a Pawn Shop any different from Stealing Music from Youtube?

Pawn shop only sell 2nd hand CDs. The artist received royalties when the CD was sold the first time. They don't care about the small number that are sold for a 2nd time via a pawn shop.

Is this stealing?

yes it's stealing ! , I have fired people from my company for less then this , stealing is stealing no matter the amount or what it is

How do you keep someone from stealing your poetry?

Hey Brother!!! Glad to hear from you. Actually, this has happened to me as well. Some fellow published one of my poems in his book. I would not have known except some lady wrote and told me abou... Read More »

Please help, someone is stealing from my facebook...?

I'm not sure that it is "Illegal" what she did, but it is DEFIANTLY against facebook's policy. So you could try to contact facebook directly by using this email - Be sure to p... Read More »