Statute of Limitations on Violence in California?

Answer Under California's statue of limitation laws, law enforcement officials and victims of crimes have a limited amount of time during which they can either charge a suspect with a violent crime or fil... Read More »

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What is the statute of limitations of a judgment in California?

The statute of limitations for a judgment in California is 10 years, with a maximum interest rate of 10 percent.Source:Card Report

The Statute of Limitations for a California Misdemeanor?

The statute of limitations specifies how long after a crime has been committed that legal proceedings related to that particular crime can be initiated. According to, misdemeanors are... Read More »

Statute of Limitations on Bills in California?

According to ExpertLaw, a statute of limitations is a "law which places a time limit on pursuing a legal remedy in relation to wrongful conduct." Statutes of limitations pertaining to outstanding d... Read More »

The Statute of Limitations for Debts in California?

California Civil Code covers the practice of extending consumer credit. Under the Civil Code, the collection of overdue or delinquent debt is constrained by the statute of limitations, which enacts... Read More »