Statute of Limitations on Civil Lawsuits Over Contracts in Tennessee?

Answer If you are bringing a civil legal action for breach of contract, take into account the applicable statute of limitations. In Tennessee, as in other states, virtually all potential civil actions are... Read More »

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Statute of Limitations for Assault Lawsuits in New York?

A statute of limitations in civil law requires the victim to sue within a period of time following their injury. If the victim does not file suit within that period, the victim is barred from bring... Read More »

Is there a statute of limitations on a minor's right to void contracts?

Generally, minors can disaffirm most contractual obligations (except for necessities of life) up to the statutory time after attaining majority. Most states allow a minor to avoid contractual oblig... Read More »

Civil Statute of Limitations for Bad Checks?

Many "bad checks" result from consumers mistakenly writing checks with insufficient funds in their checking accounts; others result from deliberate fraud. Either way, Americans write more 450 milli... Read More »

About the Statute of Limitations for Civil Cases?

A statute of limitations is a time period within which a legal claim must be pursued. Once the statute of limitations has expired, the claim has essentially been forfeited by the potential plaintiff.