Static lines in HD TV when computer is on?

Answer Do you use the same company for internet and cable service? If so, maybe it has something to do with their connection.EDIT: If it's from separate companies, then I don't know why it would do that. ... Read More »

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Computer has static lines?

I'm a computer consultant and technician, I've experienced that problem with new and older machines from customers every now and then. Your laptop if bought new would still be under warranty and ca... Read More »

Why is there horizontal lines in computer monitors when it is seen on TV?

Because of the difference in the refresh rates of computer monitors and the frame speed of the TV.Your eye doesn't see it, but your monitor refreshes the screen between 60 and 80 times a second, de... Read More »

How to Apply a Static IP Address to a Computer?

The "IP" in "IP Address" stands for "Internet Protocol Address." A computer is assigned one IP address by networks it is connected to with Internet access. Two categories of IP addresses exist---dy... Read More »

Why Is the Sound on My Computer Static-Filled?

Sound cards can experience a myriad of problems. Some of the most common problems include no sound at all, sound freezing or static sound when playing audio files. Each of these problems can occur ... Read More »