States of Matter Activities for Children?

Answer Matter refers to anything that takes up space and has mass. Everything is made of matter, including the air that we breathe, the chair that we sit on or the water that we drink. Matter is present i... Read More »

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Smart Board Activities on the Three States of Matter?

Using a Smart Board is an innovative way to teach science in the classroom. There are many interactive science activities available on the Internet, including activities on the three states of matt... Read More »

States of Matter Activities for High School?

High school students dive into chemistry and physics with such fundamentals as the states of matter. The states of matter are solid, liquid, gas and plasma, and each of these changeable states has ... Read More »

What Are the Three Principal States of Matter?

The three principal, or common, forms of matter are those that are seen in everyday life. These are solids, liquids and gases. Modern scientific developments have, in fact, shown that there are a n... Read More »

How to Draw the Four States of Matter?

The four states of matter are solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Creating a diagram of these states can help visual learners conceptualize what makes each of them unique. The important thing to illus... Read More »