States in the USA That Don't Have State Income Tax?

Answer Federal income tax is consistent from state to state, but state income taxes are inconsistent. States like Hawaii and Oregon tax the highest incomes at 11 percent; New Hampshire and Tennessee tax o... Read More »

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What states have state income taxes?

Through the 2010 tax year, 43 states have income taxes. Those that don't are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. Two others -- New Hampshire and Tennessee -- limit... Read More »

State Income tax returns Different states Im confused?

Which state did you LIVE in? Commuting to GA from KY or KY to GA would be a major grind so I'd presume that you lived and worked in both states for part of the year and only worked in the state wh... Read More »

On United States Social Security Disability income how much monthly income can you make before having to report it and possibly lose benefits?

You are legally required to report all earned income on your IRS tax forms, which automatically makes the information available to the Social Security Administration. The SSA asks that you notify ... Read More »

Is retirement income exempt from state income taxes?

Every state handles taxation of retirement income differently. Seven states do not tax personal income at all, two only tax income from interest and dividends, and 36 states offer some type of excl... Read More »