States With Least Problems With Pollen?

Answer High pollen levels can mean sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes, and even a rash for people allergic to the plant product. Depending on the general climate of the area, some states have worse pollen pro... Read More »

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How to Live With Allergies to Pollen?

Pollen allergies can make life miserable for those who suffer when plants and trees bloom. Runny nose, itchy throat, asthma, swelling of the eyes and other symptoms plague seasonal allergy sufferer... Read More »

How can I make wife (asian) more comfortable with taking a birth control pill Pill with least side effects?

Clearly she doesn't want to take them. Her concerns are valid. So how about trying a different birth control? Like an IUD? Or a diaphragm? Sponge? Etc.…

How does the pollen count affect those with asthma&allergies?

According to Australia's My Dr., the pollen count is reported during the pollen season as part of television weather forecasts. The pollen count can be reported at different levels such as low, me... Read More »

Help with printing problems with an epson stylus photo r320?

Epson is horrible in this regard. I'e got a Stylus C45. All the time the ink jams the nozzles and the head and there are huge costs in trying to clean the nozzles and the head. It looks like the pr... Read More »