State of Georgia Classroom Activities?

Answer Learning about the states that make up the United States is typically a focus of the social studies curriculum in the upper elementary and middle school grades. When teaching students about the sta... Read More »

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Classroom Activities for Georgia History?

When students enjoy a class, the students learn more. Fun, interactive classroom activities make history interesting. Using games, plays, artwork and time lines in history make the subject come al... Read More »

How to Lead Colonial Georgia Classroom Activities?

The colonial period is the period in which America became forged as a nation and began to create an identity distinct from Great Britain. The colonial period of American history lends itself to eng... Read More »

Where do you find a state by state list of classroom ratios?

I usually get them from

How to Obtain a Georgia State Tax ID?

Like most other states, Georgia collects taxes on business that operate within the state. Businesses must also collect sales taxes on goods (and some services). Each Georgia business must register ... Read More »