State of Florida Small Business Grants?

Answer Small Business grants in Florida are available to serve a variety of needs. Eligibility for funding varies according to the demands of each granting organization. Most of the available funding in t... Read More »

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What kinds of loan or grants can you get in the state of Florida you have small flooring company and you also have dyslexia which is a learning disability so yo you could use some help?

Answer There are no "grants" for having dyslexia in the flooring trade as dyslexia has no real impact on performing any of the work involved in running a flooring company. My brother owns a smal... Read More »

Grants for a Small Business in BC?

According to the Small Business Finance Centre, several types of small business grants are available in British Columbia (BC), involving over 60 different government departments. Grants come in a v... Read More »

Grants for a Failing Small Business?

Grants are a great way to help your failing small business because it is free money that doesn't need to be paid back. Grants are provided through non-profit organizations, associations and the gov... Read More »

Small Business Grants for a Veteran?

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs founded the Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVI), which is dedicated to aiding veterans in starting and managing businesses. There are no grants spe... Read More »