State Drug Laws in Virginia?

Answer Those convicted of drug possession in the state of Virgina will be penalized. Penalties increase depending on the type of drug, the amount, and whether the violator had the intent to sell. The Drug... Read More »

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Virginia State Laws for DWI?

Residents and those visiting Virginia who may find themselves out for a night on the town should remember a few points of law if tempted to drive while impaired. Virgina lawmakers and law enforceme... Read More »

Virginia State Dog Laws?

If you live in the state of Virginia and are bitten by a dog, beware--Virginia does not have a dog bite statute. Therefore, if you are bitten by a dog and can't prove that you sustained the injury ... Read More »

Virginia State Laws for Piercing?

While Virginia laws are relatively lax when it comes to body piercing, there still are a few guidelines which must be followed by those looking to have holes punched in their bodies--or to punch ho... Read More »

State Drinking Laws in Virginia?

Virginia alcohol laws are designed to keep the public safe from the dangers of alcohol. These laws include the possession, purchase and consumption of alcohol. If you break Virginia's drinking laws... Read More »