State & Capital Activities?

Answer Many people nowadays lack geographical skills and knowledge, even when it comes to their own country. That is why it is important to teach elementary school children geography and to make sure that... Read More »

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Why when congress challenge oklahoma's attempt to move its state capital the supreme court sided with the state?

Which state capital building looks like our national capital building?

Wyoming's capitol building, located in the state capital of Cheyenne, resembles the National Capitol in Washington, D.C., with its Corinthian-style architecture. The cornerstone was laid for Wyomin... Read More »

Which state is bismarck the capital of?

The city of Bismarck is the capital city of the state of North Dakota. A city of roughly 60,000 inhabitants, Bismarck became North Dakota's capital upon its entrance into the United States in 1889.... Read More »

What state has Columbus as its capital?

The city of Columbus is the state capital of Ohio. Taking its name after the famed explorer, Columbus was officially named as state capital in 1816, the same year it was established as a city, than... Read More »