Starving, heartburn, nausia HELP?

Answer eat a couple of rolaids, and have some chicken noodle soup,. don't eat anything heavy, only light foods, maybe some jello. milk will help with heart burn it coats the esophagus,

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How to get rid of heartburn I need Heartburn Relief !!?

Just so you know what it is ..."Heartburn is an out of the ordinary chest ache sensation that many people who undergo it will call as a sense of upcoming trouble. Although it is called as heartburn... Read More »

I'm starving...?

hot dogs, and hamburgers with baked beans.thanks for the points

Is this starving myself?

Your getting carbs + 5 a day. But there is no protien in your diet. And you need protien to provide fats + energy to keep you healthy. Your not excatly starving but a variety of food would help...M... Read More »

Cannot eat after 8 days starving ?

Start with clear liquids, like vegetable broth, and tea with honey and lemon. After you can tolerate those fairly well, try a fruit smoothie or some vegetable juice. Then just add things slowly w... Read More »