Starting my period soon?

Answer It all depends on the signs. The discharge is one of them. I got mine when I was in fifth grade, and I could tell by the signs. There was discharge before anything happened, and then there was also... Read More »

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You have very sharp cramping in pelvic area and period is due in a week is this a pregnancy symptom or a new sign you will be starting your period?

Is supernatural starting soon?

yes, as of today (july 20) it will be on in 52 days!

My son's starting pre-k soon?

Yes. They can be charged with sexual assault on a minor for spanking. You might be able to opt it out. You can complain or move to Manhattan, NYC.

How soon can a woman have sex after starting the pill?

A woman starting on birth control pills can have sex right away, although she should use extra contraception, such as condoms, for the first seven days, to ensure a better chance at preventing preg... Read More »