Starting an animal rights group?

Answer Good for you for giving this a go! If you are starting a campaign for your school regarding animal rights and the option of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, I wouldn't go for the shock and ah approac... Read More »

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How to Get Property When Starting Your Own Animal Shelter?

They melt a heart, love unconditionally, stand by their owners and yet animals often end up alone, abused and unwanted. Animal shelters are a way to give back to those able of giving so much to the... Read More »

Do you believe in animal rights ?

every one in the creation has the why not for the animals? thanks.

Why are you for animal rights?

Animals should be treated humanely. Just because they're not as rational as human beings are doesn't mean they should be maltreated.Well, we are given dominion over animals, but that doesn't mean w... Read More »

How do you feel about animal rights?

Animals don't have rights. I am an advocate for animal welfare. There is no reason to mistreat domestic animals. There will always be disagreements on what constitutes mistreatment. Animal testing ... Read More »