Starting Kindergarten at age 4 or 5?

Answer I think it completely depends on your daughter's maturity level. I am a kindergarten teacher and we are also an all day program. I had two kiddos who literally turned 5 a week before school start... Read More »

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What should a pre-schooler need to know prior to starting kindergarten?

I actually see two separate issues here, marconi77. I think you need to recognize that your child needs basic skills and needs to develop some important attitudes as well. For me as a teacher le... Read More »

Should my child be able to read before starting kindergarten in Ontario?

Teaching your children to read when they are in preschool helps them become prepared for kindergarten as well as building confidence. It is at this young age that they develop basic reading skills ... Read More »

Is it mandatory that my daughter should go to pre-school before starting her Kindergarten?

I'm an early education major, whether or not preschool would be beneficial is a very case by case scenario. Like someone said earlier, in disadvantaged homes preschool is better because the childre... Read More »

My baby is starting 1st grade this school year. He did great in kindergarten, but I am scared for him.?

He will learn so much in first grade( double digit addition, to read more fluently, telling time, spelling test, money etc) They get their own desk, work books and pencil boxes. First grade is when... Read More »