Starter & Solenoid Problems in Riding Mowers?

Answer Riding lawnmowers use a starter system designed to power up the motor for a quick start to blade operation. This is not the same as the ignition system for a car, which is more likely to use igniti... Read More »

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What Are Common Problems When Craftsman Riding Mowers Won't Run?

Craftsman brand tools and appliances, the house brand of Sears, include both hand tools and lawn maintenance products such as push and riding mowers. If your Craftsman riding mower refuses to start... Read More »

How Do I Tell if the Starter Solenoid Is Bad on My Kohler Riding Mower Engine?

The Craftsman Kohler lawn mower uses a traditional starter motor to help electronically start the engine. Just a like a starter in your automobile, the starter in your Kohler-powered lawn mower use... Read More »

Car Starter Solenoid Problems?

Cars contain numerous components that interface in order for the car to start efficiently. A car starter solenoid is one such component; if it fails to function properly it can interfere with a car... Read More »

How to Diagnose Starter Solenoid Problems?

The starter motor in your vehicle requires good connections and a properly working solenoid to produce the turning power the engine needs to start. However, it is common for starters to fail becaus... Read More »