Started burping ALOT more after eating/drinking something?

Answer yes

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Why does it take a train alot of tries to pick up or deliver something?

It is called spotting an Industry. The Conductor is usually at the rear of the train telling the Engineer which way to go and how many car lengths to travel. When the train crew is dropping cars ... Read More »

Is it common after a 3-month breakup for your ex-boyfriend to send you an eCard on Easter saying he hopes you had a happy and blessed Easter or does this indicate something more?

Answer I would say that it indicates he still has feelings for you. Answer I say u drop it and give up

Is it worth spending alot more for a THX certified Processor/Pre-Amplifier?

THX Ultra is the way to go. But you should know that the highest end manufactures shy away from THX certification even though they could easily pass such testing. THX was invented by a guy named T... Read More »

I find myself eating ALOT more when I eat vegetarian/vegan?

Yes, this is a fact everyone does. Protein takes a very long time to digest in your stomach so you stay full much longer. It is really just common logic. Try eating turkey, eggs, fish and other sou... Read More »