Starfish Movement?

Answer The name "starfish" is actually a misnomer, causing many scientists to want to have the name of the species changed. A starfish is not a fish at all, but rather an animal closely related to both th... Read More »

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How to Clean Starfish?

While starfish can be purchased at souvenir shops, many people prefer to find their own to keep as mementos. Starfish range in different sizes and colors because many different species exist. Somet... Read More »

How to Acclimate Starfish?

Starfish are an attractive and unusual addition to any tropical marine aquarium. They come in many colorful and interesting species, and they can be a conversation starter. Starfish provide cleanup... Read More »

How to Draw a Starfish?

Starfish or sea stars are well known for their particular shape and ability to regenerate body parts! Let's try to draw one with these easy steps!

Do seals eat starfish?

At least one type of seal, the hooded seal, eats starfish as part of its diet. Hooded seals are aggressive animals that also will eat squid, cod, shrimp, herring and mussels.Source:Canadian Museum ... Read More »