Starbucks tumbler size equivalent?

Answer Its equivalent to a tall size as tall = 12 ounces.Hope this helps

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What size HDTV is equivalent to a 32-inch SDTV?

If you are viewing material in a 16:9 widescreen format, any HDTV larger than 32 inches will give you more viewing area, as you won't have the sizable black bars on your screen. If you are viewing ... Read More »

What is the equivalent of a size 48 NFL jersey in women's sizes?

A size 48 would be a XXL (double extra large) size in men's. A men's XXL size fits 48 inches (122 cm). An XL (extra large) in women's fits 40 inches (102 cm). So a size 48 jersey would be XXXXXL (5... Read More »

What cup size coffee do you get at Starbucks?

Short.Either a short cappuccino or a short double cafe late. Either one is the perfect proportion of milk to coffee.

For the Starbucks birthday reward what size drink can you get?

When you get a free reward or a birthday drink you can get ANYTHING YOU WANT.Yep, that's right! ANYTHING YOU WANT!"I want a Venti 12 shot 14 pump white mocha frappuccino with vanilla, hazelnut, car... Read More »