Starbucks to close 600 stores nationwide?

Answer Good, I hope that they close moreSupport your local coffee vendor!

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How many Home Depot stores are there nationwide?

As of the first quarter in 2010, Home Depot has 1,976 stores in operation in the United States. The company also has 268 stores located in Canada, China and Mexico and is the world's largest home i... Read More »

How many farts are cut on a daily basis by workers at inside Victoria's Secret stores nationwide?

LOL! OMG dude, if I could vote on the funniest question I had seen in a while it would definitely be yours!!! By the way, women don't fart, we pass gas...the silent but deadly type :) Have a gre... Read More »

Did Maytag close their stores?

I think they did.If you check your yellow pages you'll probably see someone advertising that they can repair Maytag.

When did Howard's Department Stores close down?

As of July, 2010, Howard's Department Store is open, and has no plans to close. Howard's Department Store is a family-run establishment that has been conducting business in Trenton, Missouri since ... Read More »